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For over 20 years I have either exchanged or received art from all over the world. Presently my collection of art, mostly works on paper, fills 18 large cardboard cartons. No money has ever changed hands, and nothing in my collection is for sale. A different artist will be featured each month on this internet gallery. I've culled my collection to share just a few pieces, artistic hors d'oeuvres, tasty but not too filling for you to enjoy.
--Christine Tarantino

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guido VERMEULEN and Gerson WENGLINSKI, Belgique

 Guido Vermeulen and Gerson Wenglinski influenced me early on, and both artists are from Belgium.

Gerson WENGLINSKI published my visual poetry before I knew there was a term for it.  Unfortunately Gerson has vanished from my radar screen and I miss him. Perhaps this tribute will bring new information on his whereabouts. The folowing quote is from the last letter I received from him. During the 90's I was widely known as 'Words of Light'.
"Words of Light shortens the distance between earth and infinity".
-Gerson Wenglinski, Artist & Publisher

Gerson Wenglinski, "State of Growth - Gold", 1998.

Gerson Wenglinski, "Interference Gold - Lightfastness Is Being", 1998.


Guido VERMEULEN was my 'Mail Art' mentor before I knew there was a term for that too.

If you wish to contact Guido Vermeulen, he is well-known and easily found by 'googling' his name.

Guido's poetry book (in Dutch) called "the science of fish".

Reading The Landscape, 12 Poems on Photographs by Christine Tarantino, USA and Guido Vermeulen, BELGIUM. An artist book/ mail art project organized by Elaine Rounds, CANADA.

Latest painted envelope received from Guido Vermeulen.


  1. Gerson, ce vieux bouc a disparu autour du Rhin.

  2. Gerson, ce vieux bouc se terre près du Rhin.

  3. Je suis heureux d'apprendre quelque chose de cher GERSON. Et j'aime les chèvres.