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For over 20 years I have either exchanged or received art from all over the world. Presently my collection of art, mostly works on paper, fills 18 large cardboard cartons. No money has ever changed hands, and nothing in my collection is for sale. A different artist will be featured each month on this internet gallery. I've culled my collection to share just a few pieces, artistic hors d'oeuvres, tasty but not too filling for you to enjoy.
--Christine Tarantino

Sunday, January 1, 2012


 Bill GRUTERS is a mentor and close friend. I consider him to be the single most important person to contribute to my artistic development. My collection of Bill's work fills two boxes and may be seen at D'Wildwood Studio, by appointment only. GRUTERS' work has been exhibited in 7 international art fairs as well as gallery shows in NYC, Paris, Chicago, and Germany. His work appeared on the cover of an art book published in France.
Bill GRUTERS lives and works in Massachusetts and can be contacted via

Bill Gruters at Mill Pond.
Photo by Christine Tarantino.

Bill Gruters, Mill Pond House, Massachusetts, leaving to give lecture at Fitchburg Art Museum, Massachusetts.
Photo by Christine Tarantino.

Bill Gruters, c. 1975.
Bill Gruters c. 2010

Bill Gruters, Mill Pond House in Massachusetts.
Photo: Christine Tarantino

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