STEVE RANDOM, "Five Exhibitions in One Day"

For over 20 years I have either exchanged or received art from all over the world. Presently my collection of art, mostly works on paper, fills 18 large cardboard cartons. No money has ever changed hands, and nothing in my collection is for sale. A different artist will be featured each month on this internet gallery. I've culled my collection to share just a few pieces, artistic hors d'oeuvres, tasty but not too filling for you to enjoy.
--Christine Tarantino

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I met Steve RANDOM online in March 2009. Initially we were drawn together by our interest in  mailart, dada, and fluxus, but quickly grew closer once we realized  I live a short distance from Steve's hometown.  Besides, who could possibly resist his artistic wit and brilliance?

All of our correspondence was by email and he told me about his early years in Maine with Carlo Pittore; his early recollections of Ray Johnson and their friendship; his exhibit at the Springfield Art Museum; his close relationship with Jean Brown, John Held Jr., and how Jean Brown's collection of his work ended up in the Jean Brown papers 1916-1995 Collection at the Getty[An extensive study collection of avant-garde materials amassed by librarian and art collector, Jean Brown. Her collection documents the Dada and Surrealist art movements and their offshoots, especially Fluxus, mail art, and concrete poetry. Materials include letters, printed matter and ephemera, clippings, nearly 500 art objects, sound recordings, motion pictures, and video recordings]; his good friend Ben Banville / ZONA who also lives nearby; and participating in the FluxConcert/FLUXMASS  in 2003 at Amherst College.
Steve even sent me a photo of the Alison Knowles Bean Can he aquired in a flea market near Northampton. He shared communications with Ray J / Ray Johnson and told me that sometimes Ray called him 'Handsome Steve' or 'Steve Condom'.

Steve continues to send his art to me by email and postal mail, in what he sometimes refers to as 'Random Bits'. These include photos of his activities and works which I share on my FLUX-USA art blog. STEVE RANDOM understands art fully and the creative process behind it. I affecionately nicknamed him cugino/cousin.

The images below from my STEVE RANDOM Collection are fittingly presented to you in no particular order.

Steve @ FLUXMASS, Amherst College
Steve Random @ FLUX-MASS '03

Ben Banville / ZONA and Steve Random

Steve Random

Steve Random, "Five Exhibitions in One Day".

Steve's current workspace

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