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For over 20 years I have either exchanged or received art from all over the world. Presently my collection of art, mostly works on paper, fills 18 large cardboard cartons. No money has ever changed hands, and nothing in my collection is for sale. A different artist will be featured each month on this internet gallery. I've culled my collection to share just a few pieces, artistic hors d'oeuvres, tasty but not too filling for you to enjoy.
--Christine Tarantino

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Antoni Miró, Spain

Antoni Miró, painter and humanist, whose generosity over the past 10 years I treasure and appreciate.
"ANTONI MIRÓ was born in Alcoi in 1944, and at present lives and works at Mas Sopalmo. In 1960 he was awarded the first prize for painting by the Town Hall of Alcoi. In January 1965 he carried out his first one-man show and founded the Alcoiart group (1965-1972). In 1972 he founded Gruppo Denunzia in Brescia (ltaly)."
His paintings range in style from Figurative Expressionism to Pop Art and Realism.

Antoni Miró, small work on canvas  for the 'Ellen Makes Me Smile' mail art book.
Miró art calendar 2008.
Miró art calendar 2009.
  My collection  consists of  numerous catalogues of  Miró's shows; DVD's and CD's of his openings; his yearly art calendars; an altered exhibition catalogue with original collages and drawings; postcard reproductions of his works; several photographs and original collages for my mail art projects in which he participated, including 'A Plea to Forsake,' and 'Ellen Makes Me Smile'; a small work on canvas for the Ellen Degeneres mail art call and artist book project; and two collaborations with him, in which  Miró' collaged his bicycle images onto my photographs of old abandoned bikes in the woods near my Mill Pond Studio.
Exhibition catalogue.

Altered catalogue cover with a few pages below.

Collaborative catalogue of poet Miguel Marti i Pol and Antoni Miró.

This CD contains a beautiful and exceptionally moving look at Antoni Miro's work, exhibitions, and home.

Postcard reproductions of some of Antoni works.

 Antoni's photograph contribution to the first edition of my mail art call for entries and artist book documentation, "A Plea To Forsake".
Antoni Miró & Christine Tarantino, Bicycle 1, 2007.

Antoni Miró & Christine Tarantino, Bicycle 2, 2007.

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